My First Vibrator

Hi, my name is Laura.

Vibrators are important to me and have been an important part of my sexual fulfillment, and I want to make sure that every woman has the opportunity to be an informed vibrator customer and a comfortable shopper. That is why I developed this website, On this site, you will find answers to all of your questions about buying your first vibrator, and more.

When I bought my first vibrator, I had my more-experienced best friend to guide me along the way. But I was very lucky. Most introductory vibrator-buying experiences aren’t so easy. When the neighborhood shops look seedy and most online stores brag about stocking 10,000 different vibrators, buying your first vibrator can seem overwhelming. You’re probably asking yourself questions such as:

◦ Where should I go to buy my first vibrator?

◦ How much should I spend?

◦ Do I need to buy batteries?

◦ What type of vibrator should I buy?

◦ What is the difference between all of these vibrators on the market?

While every woman’s experience is unique, I have organized a general set of answers to these questions based on my own experience and the experiences that others have shared with me along the way. will also guide you in the following areas:

◦ What qualities to look for in a first vibrator

◦ Information on how to buy your first vibrator

◦ Testimonials from men and women all over the country who have bought their first vibrator and lived to tell about it

◦ Video interviews with men and women sharing their first experiences with vibrators

◦ Specific suggestions for your first vibrator purchase

I’m always looking to improve the site, so if you have any questions or comments, please share them with me!