3 Shopping Rules

Vibrator Shopping: 3 Rules

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing when you shop for your first vibrator. There’s a first time for everything, and the only way to learn what you like is to go through the process of trying out different vibrators. I remember when I realized that I had never tried a premium vibrator: I fell into a “shopping trap” where I just wanted to own something different and went a little nuts :). I had spent $80 buying 4 cute novelty vibrators for $20 each–none of which did me right–and I thought maybe it was time to step it up. 

Don’t be overwhelmed with the thousands of blogs and millions of ideas about what makes a good vibrator. There are 3 simple guidelines to follow to make your first vibrator shopping experience the best it can be (and every vibrator shopping experience thereafter!). The rules are:

1. Shop online

2. Keep it simple, Sexy

3. Always add batteries

Let me explain what I mean…

Shop online.

The internet was built for private moments like choosing your first vibrator. Take advantage of the times. 

As well-intentioned as your friend or boyfriend is, having them tag along with you for this experience will taint it. Tastes in vibrators are very personal. You might feel pressured to get what your boyfriend thinks is hot or what your girlfriend has been using for years. Or you may not be able to get either of them out of your head while you are using your vibrator for the first time! Besides your loved ones, there is also the store clerk and other customers. These people could rub you the wrong way and leave you totally disillusioned. And to be honest, going to the vibrator store is a pretty disillusioning experience. Shopping online, however, keeps everything tidy and clean. It’s the most impersonal way that you can treat yourself with a little gift to get in touch with your sacred self. All of the answers will be right there for you if you have questions (and some sites like Libida.com and Vibrators.com even have educational assets to their websites). You can also hunt for the best deal. Online stores are also much more likely to accept returns than physical shops are.

Keep it simple, Sexy.

If you’ve spent more than 15 minutes comparing vibrators online, you’ve gone the wrong direction. So many vibrators and other sex toys are being produced today. The industry is valued at $15 billion with a growth rate of around 30%. However, when it comes down to it, there is really very little distinction between most vibrators. Many online stores brag about having over 10,000 vibrators for you to choose from. If you’re overwhelmed by the surplus of silicone you have to search through, you’re not alone. As a pro, I can tell you that even I can’t distinguish between most vibrator products. Don’t even try to compare! You’ll wind up in an online-travel-booking-like mess! Some stores like Libida.com and Vibrators.com have made it a point to remedy this situation and make it easy as possible for their customers (that’s why I like them the best). These companies test all of their products and limit what they sell to only the best, so the shopping experience will be fun for you, not frightening.

Always add batteries.

If your vibrator comes with batteries, order extra batteries. If have batteries at home, order extra batteries. If your grocery store is having a sale on batteries next week, order extra batteries. If your sister is a sales rep for a battery company, order extra batteries. Nothing is worse than getting a brand new vibrator in the mail and not being able to rip it out of the box and use it right away! ORDER BATTERIES!  My First Vibrator uses AA batteries. I found cool batteries at Libida.com (image above) for only $3.99 (less expensive than Duracell!)